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The testimonials below are all about the great people they are written by and their journey towards their goals. It gives me great joy share their story's and successes and to have helped them along the way. I have included my own words at the end of each testimonial as their journey's have been part of mine too. Adam Cristol



It is important to me that this testimonial is not read as an exaggerated statement. I wholeheartedly credit Adam with my ‘fitness journey’. He taught me the importance (and pleasure) of being ‘fit for everything’. We evolved from basic circuit training to structured weight training to guiding me into my first triathlon.

When rob began training with me, he was by his own admission ‘out of shape’ (struggling to run 5km non-stop). Over the course of our time working together and becoming great friends, he has found his love for exercise. He has since completed numerous marathons and completed his first Ironman in 2019.

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