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Health and Fitness - Where do I start? It's all so overwhelming!

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the information available to us when it comes to our health and fitness? From what to eat / not to eat to what exercise to do / not to do. Do you find yourself becoming even more confused and uncertain by what you find?

From fad diets and crazy workouts to magic pills and 60 seconds to a six pack ab exercises. Each solution claiming to be the answer, the holy grail, the solution to all our problems. The whole one size fits all model that says 'do this and everything will be OK,' do this and

'you will no longer feel stressed or unhappy'.

A solution to simplifying it all

What is your WHY?

First start by taking responsibility for where you are and where you want to get to, this will help you find your why. If you feel you need support with this process, enlisting the help of a family member, good friend or coach can help. The idea here is to ask the right questions of yourself or have someone else ask the questions. Writing this down will help give you clarity.

Get in touch and let us help you on your journey!

I know my WHY but am still confused?

Knowing your why is only the start. The next step is to set yourself SMART goals. This sounds obvious but many of us do not do this which is why we find ourselves getting overwhelmed. Below is the SMART framework for goal setting.

  • S - Specific: Make sure your goal is not vague, it should be specific with a definable end point.

  • M - Measurable: Tracking your goals is important to track progress..

  • A - Attainable: Be realistic and set goals that are attainable.

  • R - Relevant: The goal should be pertinent to you.

  • T - Time - bound: Helps you stay focus and helps you quantify your goal.

NOTE: We are guilty of overestimating what we can achieve in a few weeks and months and guilty of underestimating what we can achieve long term.

OK so you have your WHY and SMART goals where do you start?

Take action and start now, don't wait for tomorrow, don't wait till you have all the answers. We can all be guilty of allowing ourselves to be so overwhelmed that we never actually start. As with life it is not a perfect science so don't wait for it to be, get yourself out there. Take that first step and you will be amazed how good it feels and how you no longer feel so overwhelmed. Think big but take small steps, don't try and eat that elephant all in one go. Our greatest obstacle is not all the information out there, it is ourselves. Start making excuses to do things, not excuses to not do things. You do not have to do it alone. Working with a qualified coach whether that is a personal trainer or yoga teacher can be hugely helpful.

Keep it simple!

Stop searching for all the answers, you could be out there working towards your goals. Ask yourself is what I am doing now, helping me towards my goals?' Start by eating better and moving more, it is that simple. Focus on the process and putting in place the right structure to help you achieve your goals. Your health and fitness journey should be a life-long one. Take this approach and you will find a sustainable process. And last but not least, make it fun!

Get in touch, we would love to help you take that step towards becoming a happier you.

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